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Monday, September 20, 2021


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HSBC overcomes 25-year low share price up 50%

HSBC has overcome a 25-year low with share prices climbing more than 50% since September. The bank has been...

All time borrowing high for October

The UK has hit an all time borrowing high according to the Office for national statistics (ONS.)

How to invest in currency – FOREX simplified

Looking to invest in currency but don't know where to start? Feeling intimidated by industry jargon? Read on and start your journey to becoming a FOREX trader!

Australian Stock exchange shutdown by glitch

The Australian Share Market was partially shut during Monday due to a technical glitch. The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)...

EasyJet set to lose £800m

For the first time in it's 25 year history Easy Jet is set to take it's first loss. Chief...

General Electric Is Done With Coal

In an unexpected move industrial giant GE pledges to exit the coal market and pursue greener forms of energy.
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Join Efficient Homes Renewable Revolution

Efficient Homes are one of the leading renewable energy companies in the UK, and they are on a planet-saving mission. For the...
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British Entrepreneurs Launch ‘Online Shop’

Meet Terry McGinnis and Joe Todd two British entrepreneurs who are founders of one of UK's most popular online outlets, Cozy.

Pound down amidst no-deal fears for Brexit

The pound fell against the dollar on Friday after Prime Minister Boris Johnson said a no-deal Brexit looked "very, very likely".

UK caught in Boeing Dispute

The UK has "no authority" to impose tariffs as part of an aircraft subsidies row after leaving the EU, the US has...