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Thursday, January 28, 2021


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Iceberg larger than Somerset on Collision path with South Georgia

The worlds largest Iceberg, lovingly named A68a has been steadily drifting towards South Georgia island, A remote British Overseas Territory in the...

A Second Lockdown & The £2bn Dilemma

From the 28th of September, individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 or have been contacted by a test and trace service will be...
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Must Read

Pound down amidst no-deal fears for Brexit

The pound fell against the dollar on Friday after Prime Minister Boris Johnson said a no-deal Brexit looked "very, very likely".
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UK caught in Boeing Dispute

The UK has "no authority" to impose tariffs as part of an aircraft subsidies row after leaving the EU, the US has...

New fake job scams prey on the desperate

Fraudsters rare taking advantage of desperate job seekers with fake job scams. One such job seeker is Helen...

Groceries Sales See Pre-Christmas Figures at Record High

Supermarkets across the UK have reported that groceries sales have reached a record high. This seems to be thanks to shoppers stocking...