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Covid-19 wanes bird flu waxes

Covid-19 wanes bird flu waxes: birds must isolate

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse... covid-19 wanes whilst bird flu waxes. With Christmas around the...
pets boost mental health

Pets boost mental health during lockdown solitude

Retailer Pets at Home has seen a sharp rise in sales during lockdown and believes pets boost mental health.
Junk food ad ban

Junk food ad ban upsets food and drink industry

Junk food ad ban: A government plan to ban online junk food ads has been criticised by the food and drink industry.

University of Oxford study says video games are ‘good for well-being’

A study has indicated people who play video games for prolonged periods of time have a tendency to report feeling happier than...

New study finds Black and Asian people face higher risks...

A study of 18 million people in the UK and US has found that people from a black or Asian background are...

MIT’s Covid-19 diagnosing algorithm

An artificial-intelligence algorithm that identifies individuals with Covid-19 based only on the sound of their coughs has been developed in the US.

COVID data now trackable in Google maps

Google maps has added a new layer to the platform enabling users to track COVID data. The information is...

Covid Vaccine could arrive by the end of this year

A Covid vaccine could be proved safe and effective by as early as the end of November, according to Dr Anthony Faucci,...

Lack of financial incentive sees hospitality sector struggling

Whilst initially there were hopes for the flagging hospitality sector to bounce back post lockdown, financial incentives have ended amidst rising practical...

Smartphones can tell when you are drunk

Smartphones have become our first world Swiss Army Knife, they can tell the time, tell us where we are and how to...