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Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Rising clothes and food prices increase inflation

The UK inflation rate rose by 0.2% between September and October according to the ONS. Second hand cars...

Virgin Hyperloop tests first passenger journey

Passengers have travelled in the Virgin Hyperloop for the first time in a test run that took place in the Nevada Desert....

New green fuel to power ships

90% of all globally traded goods today are transported by sea, this requires an enormous amount of fuel. Marine...

Oil prices plummet after new wave of Covid lockdowns

Oil prices have hit a five month low following several newly implemented lockdowns. Countries including the UK, France and...

Diamonds created from the sky in the UK

A UK based company has discovered a way to mine diamonds from the sky. The pioneering technology which uses a combination of...

The cooling paint with the potential to cut emissions from buildings

Researchers in the US have created a new type of white paint that could potentially reduce the reliance on air conditioning and...

Tesla hits new sales record despite pandemic

Tesla recorded $8.7bn in revenue in the three months leading in to September, a fifth quarter in a row of profit.

UK Government Considers Nuclear Investment

The UK government is said to be considering a £2 billion investment in Small Modular Reactors (SMR) which would blend atomic energy...

General Electric Is Done With Coal

In an unexpected move industrial giant GE pledges to exit the coal market and pursue greener forms of energy.