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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Amazon launches investigation following stolen Playstation 5 claims from customers

Following reports of theft, Amazon has opened an investigation looking into what has happened to missing Playstation 5 deliveries.

Apple to pay $113m in new ‘batterygate’ settlement

Apple has agreed to pay a $113m settlement following allegations from 33 US states that the company slowed down older iPhones in...

Bangladeshi teenager awarded Children’s Peace Prize for fighting cyberbullying

Bangladeshi teenager, Sadat Rahman has won the International Children's Peace Prize for his work in combating cyberbullying. The 17...

University of Oxford study says video games are ‘good for well-being’

A study has indicated people who play video games for prolonged periods of time have a tendency to report feeling happier than...

Virgin Hyperloop tests first passenger journey

Passengers have travelled in the Virgin Hyperloop for the first time in a test run that took place in the Nevada Desert....

MIT’s Covid-19 diagnosing algorithm

An artificial-intelligence algorithm that identifies individuals with Covid-19 based only on the sound of their coughs has been developed in the US.

Spider thought to be extinct in Britain discovered on Ministry of Defence training site

One of the UK's most endangered spider species has been seen for the first time in 25 years at a Ministry of...

The cooling paint with the potential to cut emissions from buildings

Researchers in the US have created a new type of white paint that could potentially reduce the reliance on air conditioning and...

Comic Relief to stop sending celebrities to Africa

Comic Relief has decided to stop sending celebrities to Africa following criticism that they were going to the continent as “white saviours”.

Whales and dolphins at imminent risk of extinction

An open letter urging action be taken to save dolphins, whales and porpoises from the brink of extinction has been signed by...

Beyonk secures £2 million Seed investment from Fuel Ventures

Fuel Ventures has invested £2m into London based start-up Beyonk, The Experiences Booking Platform, to enable them to help more businesses and large...

British Entrepreneurs Launch ‘Online Shop’

Meet Terry McGinnis and Joe Todd two British entrepreneurs who are founders of one of UK's most popular online outlets, Cozy.

Pound down amidst no-deal fears for Brexit

The pound fell against the dollar on Friday after Prime Minister Boris Johnson said a no-deal Brexit looked "very, very likely".