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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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Covid could cut £1200 a year from pay

Covid cut could £1200 a year from pay by 2025 according to a new report. The analysis comes from...

Robot grocery delivery system: contact free food

A robot grocery delivery system has expanded its services to Northampton after a successful start in Milton Keynes. The...

Pets boost mental health during lockdown solitude

Retailer Pets at Home has seen a sharp rise in sales during lockdown and believes pets boost mental health.

Junk food ad ban upsets food and drink industry

Junk food ad ban: A government plan to ban online junk food ads has been criticised by the food and drink industry.

All time borrowing high for October

The UK has hit an all time borrowing high according to the Office for national statistics (ONS.)

Parcels overtake letters in revenue – online spend boom

A boom in online shopping sees parcels overtake letters in revenue.

Rising clothes and food prices increase inflation

The UK inflation rate rose by 0.2% between September and October according to the ONS. Second hand cars...

Musk’s net worth increases £11bn in a week

Tesla has been accepted into the S&P 500, following a major week for the tech giant.

How to invest in currency – FOREX simplified

Looking to invest in currency but don't know where to start? Feeling intimidated by industry jargon? Read on and start your journey to becoming a FOREX trader!

Australian Stock exchange shutdown by glitch

The Australian Share Market was partially shut during Monday due to a technical glitch. The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)...

Beyonk secures £2 million Seed investment from Fuel Ventures

Fuel Ventures has invested £2m into London based start-up Beyonk, The Experiences Booking Platform, to enable them to help more businesses and large...

British Entrepreneurs Launch ‘Online Shop’

Meet Terry McGinnis and Joe Todd two British entrepreneurs who are founders of one of UK's most popular online outlets, Cozy.

Pound down amidst no-deal fears for Brexit

The pound fell against the dollar on Friday after Prime Minister Boris Johnson said a no-deal Brexit looked "very, very likely".